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To help your business succeed…

Al Uruba Business Center, we have made it our mission to make your working life easier. Whether you are small start up company, or a medium to large enterprise, we can create a professional business environment to perfectly suit your needs. Thanks to our fast and efficient start-up packages, you can be ready to work within hours. We will take care of all the logistics and legalities, leaving you free to focus on expanding your business and making it a success.

To be your ultimate business partner…

With top corporate addresses in dynamic Dubai, and prime locations in other major cities, you can be rest assured your business is in the best possible hands with Al Uruba Business Center means you benefit from greater global visibility and access to top facilities while on the move.

To offer an outstanding level of service…

From personal assistant services and full business facilities to state of the art meeting rooms and round the clock support, we have everything you need to grow as a successful business. Whatever your business needs, we pride ourselves in being able to meet and indeed, surpass, your expectations.

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